Why It's Totally Okay To Vanish For 20 Days

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Holy shit that intro :3 MY EARS ARE STILL VIBRATING I too am an AJ Sunshine fan. I honestly figured you were in a state of deadness that's still alive. Breaks are okay. I feel ya
    • SinglePlayer parent reply Yeah that intro was a fun bit to put together... DAT BASS AJ is great, he's a good friend of mine, glad that he's supported by the one and only Kin. 😁 Somewhere between dead and alive is spot on. It's been a Schrödinger situation for a bit.
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I can empathize with this wayyyy to well. Back in June I put out a statement saying that my channel was on hiatus and I needed to take time to think about where it was going. It boiled down to just recording vid after vid of the same thing and it was powerfully boring to me after a little while, I was in a creative rut and rushing everything just started to make me dislike where I was going- creatively. I started back up very recently and am still retooling the entire channel. It's always a good time to put out less content if in the end it means you're amping up the quality and really doing something that you're pouring your soul into because you're having a great time. That intro made me laugh out loud and if this is any indication of where you're taking your channel I am buckled in and ready for the ride, man! :D
    • SinglePlayer parent reply I think that this likely resonates with most creators who are genuinely in this thing for the opportunity to create. We all just want to make the best possible product, but the system makes us want to create quantity over quality. Glad that you are stepping back, too! Maybe consider utilizing those 3 questions I recommend in the video. They really helped me.
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