Was the Killing Joke That Bad?

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  • [ – ] neo4812 reply the first 30 mins where awful the last 30 where what people wanted to see, why couldn't we see a whole movie on the last 30 min? no one wants to see batman and batgirl have sex
  • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore reply I hope you do an editorial on the animated Suicide Squad movie, Batman: Assault on Arkham.
  • NostalgiaCriticJunior reply I personally didn't mind the added prologue to the movie but it is a classic example of people trying to add unnecessary things to movies and shows in order to meet a mandate or a quote in the case of the Killing Joke that was a running time that could be shown in theaters. I knew what they were trying to do, make us care aboot batgirl before she got shot but they handled it a little poorly. Overall the last half of the movie that was the killing joke is really good. Great video as always Nostalgia Critic Keep up the amazing work.
  • [ – ] znushu reply I actually liked the Killing Joke movie.
  • [ – ] 2Nikos reply I personally think that the comic itself is overrated (even the creator doesnt like it)
  • njdss4 reply The prologue was definitely awful, but I liked the rest. I agree with NC that I wish they had used the extra screentime on fleshing out the story instead of some weird faux-incest Batgirl story, though.
  • Barbarian_Ben reply In Bruce Timm's Batman universe (aka DCAU), Bruce and Barbara were an item before she later got with Nightwing. So, the sex scene was something he's probably wanted to put on screen for years. With that out of the way, yeah, it's a mediocre gangster story dressed up as a prologue. It's a solid meh for me, but nobody ever manages to adapt Moore perfectly. I'd watch it again for the animation and voice acting.
  • Outlet_Podcast reply The animated feature was awesome.
  • F1rsttime_online reply This is why going in a different direction is fine as long as you're getting to the same destination.
  • Brettkeanevideo reply The problem is simple and age old. When we read books it leaves much up to the imagination and has much more substance. Make a movie shit gets left out. Characters are different than how we wanted. The problem really blows up when it comes to Star Trek, Star Wars, Games converted to movies and comics. Nerds don't like to get fucked with period.
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply I think it was very sexist, padded, and was probably not the best choice for an animated film. Imo
  • Duvster reply I think the hype killed it for me. It wasn't bad but I expected so much more.
  • GregHunter2521 reply Would the Ron prologue change the narrative of already established Harry Potter?
  • gridsleep reply I just reread The Handmaid's Tale a couple off months ago. Then, I found out Showtime made a series of it. I am not interested in seeing the series. The pictures are better in the book. (And if you still don't get it, go talk to John Osborne.)
  • gridsleep reply So, rip or get an mp4 copy, edit out the "prologue," and save the rest.
  • whako reply I loved the comic and when I saw the trailer for this I got excited. The prologue I didn't quite like and that sex scene was making me cringe. The final act was great and showed the true killing joke parts and that is what I loved about this animated movie.
  • Spanglishhorse reply I like the comic version better, if you wanna please yourself the animated adaption, here is the solution : you rip and edit the movie and make it go just like how it happened in the comic ad if you're talented enough and see something missing, you animate it yourself, easy. It's just how the team did with the DBZKai, the revised version of dragon Ball Z. Again, easy.
  • Spanglishhorse reply I like the comic version better, if you wanna please yourself the animated adaption, here is the solution : you rip and edit the movie and make it go just like how it happened in the comic ad if you're talented enough and see something missing, you animate it yourself, easy. It's just how the team did with the DBZKai, the revised version of dragon Ball Z. Again, easy.
  • JustHypeVibe reply For me it's still a good movie. I love the last joke of Joker and others say that Batman killed the Prince of Close as the credits are about to roll. Well who knows it was just a theory.
  • Jesustimes3 reply It's not an awful fan service, I think that, like always the online review sites put opinions in words in people's mouth or in the case, words in people's keystrokes." The prologue is okay. It could have been done better.
  • TWKReviews reply I really tried to enjoy this movie but that first third along with the lackluster animation really sunk my enjoyment.
  • AnimeReviews reply It's not bad if you chuck the first third.
  • CJwoodruff reply I personally was ok with it... granted I'm not a D.C. Buff all together. But overall I liked it
  • MrBrehGaming reply The killing jokes was a good story. The joker's ideals were very interesting
  • Zilley reply it wasn't that bad
  • FriendLikeMe92 reply I would have preferred Barbara bring more involved in the Killing Joke story than having a separate 25 minute prologue.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Even though I haven't read the original Graphic novel or seen the movie; I don't think the latter deserved all the hate it got. Trust me, I have seen far worse. (Go look up Roots Search or Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan; those animated aberrations will make you want to apologize to that adaptation.) As for the animation, It's not my job to tell Bruce Timm who to hire, but for feature films, couldn't he have hired some stateside animators? (I'm not one of those "Buy and Hire American" dipshits.)
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Another thing I like to mention is that a lot of animated features (and that's including Pixar, Tomm Moore, Hayao Miyazaki, and Kubo and the Two Strings) these days don't take advantage of the Twelve Principles of Animation as a means to tell the story or flesh out the characters. Hell, the unfairly maligned Ren Seeks Help used those animation principles to help sell every joke. (Yeah, I like Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, and not in a guilty pleasure sort of way either.)
  • [ – ] BrandonVoiceVidme reply Fucking fanboys Always have to rip apart everything their so-called fans of why don't people just shut the fuck up and enjoy the movie... But now we have to listen to fickle ass fanboys that aren't satisfied with anything...Fuck you ungrateful shits..
  • RoboLynx reply I've never encountered a piece of Alan Moore's work that I've ever enjoyed, The Killing Joke included.
  • PorkCow reply I saw the movie first, and I'm kinda glad since I have a hard time imagining the Killing Joke without the prologue. In any movie hinged around a tragedy, it makes sense to give the victim an arc that relates directly to what happens to them. So for a crippling injury and an implied rape, it's only natural to give an emotional core to both Barbara's crime fighting and sexuality. And with Batman's incessant silence and attempts to keep her safe, we already know how strongly he feels about Barbara's loss of innocence before anything worse happens. This all helps the Joker's actions hit harder and seem like something more than mere villainy. To me, the sitcom-ish writing only serves to contrast with the hard-hitting poetry of the latter half, like we're really looking in on someone's actual tonally-indistinct as their petty day-to-day concerns get shattered by something real. The only parts I would change, oddly enough, are in the latter half. Particularly the pacing issues NC pointed out ...moreand the zoom-out on Batman laughing when it should have been a mystery. The first half on it's own would be an awful movie, don't get me wrong, but both its existence and they way it was carried out almost seem necessary for the whole.
  • JayToonz reply It was ok but don't think it was the best Dc animated movie.
  • Kimota reply I loved the comic, and usually like a lo the animated DC universe(unlike like action super hero movies), maybe I'll give it a try.
  • JustLife reply NostalgiaCritic is the best! <3
  • Supadupaguy reply Pretty sure the song was in the original comic. It was a good movie without the prologue. I agree that they could have done more to adapt it, but if they just cut the prologue and had a short movie I'd be happy.
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