TV Trash: 168 - HIMYM Finale

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  • Scsigs reply Yeah, sorry, man, but I don't agree. See, while I get why you like the finale, the finale went on too long passed where the story wanted to go. The entire 2-part finale had a very inconsistently morbid tone about it that made me feel like even the people who shot it didn't like it, since it jumps forward a year every few minutes & just feels like filler put in between the hints that it was going to end with Robin getting back together with Ted. See, most of us wanted Ted to have a happy finale with the Mother, Tracy, in the end & getting him back together with Robin after having a few kids with her made her feel like a tool to get around the fact that Robin can't have kids. Not only that, but both characters, for the most part, had major Characterization Marches On establishments that just felt cheap when the final minutes came on. Not only that, but we got a good sense of who the mother was as a person before meeting Ted, but we never got to see them as a couple too much, so to have ...moreher tragically ripped out of his life by the time that they finally got together felt like a blow to the head of everyone who cared. The ending also felt like something that would've fit Robin & Ted as characters around season 2, leading to the Characterization Marches On problems I mentioned, more than season 9. The show promised Ted wouldn't get with Robin & it broke that promise. I'm sorry, man, but it was more disappointing from my perspective than anything.
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