Youtubers Switching to Vid.Me - Centralized Control or Decentralized Anarchy - The Choice

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  • TuckerSP reply I'm following you here Titus. Following David Seaman as well here.
  • CuneiformHub reply I'm sure David Seaman is a decent guy, but something doesn't seem quite right about him lately.
  • misspiggy_1955 reply No, David Seaman isn't doing anything nefarious concerning anything. Please, if you're really Christian, don't speak bad of people. David Seaman was a writer for Huffington Post until they fired him for questioning Hillary's health issues. When they fired him, he started looking into other media outlets and was shocked to find out how much censorship wad going on. He had always been a liberal, but he was very disheartened to find out how dishonest the MSM was in promoting Hillary and bashing Trump. From there he stated to look into Trump only to find out all the horrible things the MST said about him weren't true. From that point he started
  • bjs007 reply This is the first video im watching on vidme.
  • Dragonblade reply I've never been to Facebook or Twitter, and was looking for an alternative to YouTube when I saw a video by David Seaman talking about That's how I came to be here.
  • dove11 reply Hi Titus I hope David seaman is not working into a trap.
  • Solar75 reply Just switched yesterday ..didn't know about this 'til someone mentioned it on YouTube!
  • Hateradetrollingsworth reply This place is awesome Glad that #pizzagate can be discussed here without youtube/google/Zuckerberg Whores censoring out the truth being told.
  • bcolon reply keep up the good work. put your other videos here.
  • ChaosPPE reply Also just switched from youtube, I will not be a part of censorship
  • Tullibardine reply If I make videos will they also be the truth or is it just your videos that are the truth?
  • TheScholarlySkeptic reply The Daily Show cancel the pizzagate / David Seaman segment
  • ShriekingShade reply This is why I still upload to Youtube and
  • frankyzee reply Can you include the links and description at the beginning and end of the video Titus?
  • misspiggy_1955 reply I'm not into Bitcoin. David Brock, the homosexual lover of James Alefante's, is a former director at the Bitcoin foundation. I prefer gold that I hold know my own possession.
  • misspiggy_1955 reply Sorry for the typos. I got a new phone and it's so darn touchy.
  • misspiggy_1955 reply Continued... liking Trump and picked up a more open mind, not just a liberal thinker. More people know him because he was a writer with Huffington Post and did several TV appearances with them. He's a good, decent gut and he tries to always present truthful reports. There's nothing wrong about him, he's not a right wing conspiracy person, in fact he still has some very liberal views, he just got so angry over this Pizzagate horror and the fact that no MSM outlet would report on it because both Hillary and Obama are most certainly involved. He's first a reporter, a reseacher second, but he's had to do more researching since his job was yanked away from him because he fared question Hillary's health. He had to start from scratch to make ba living. So you may disagree with some things he says, but please don't judge him and say things that aren't kind about him. That's not how a Christian should be.
  • wendyrussell reply I follow David on you tube, but when I read how people are restricted on youtube, that is just wrong. So I will dabble around here.
  • SLCPagan reply Obama has persecuted more journalists than all presidents combined. The establishment works hand in hand with Google/YouTube. I see countless people monetizing copyrighted content on YouTube. However, if you try to use copyrighted content to tell truth, your instantly shut down.
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