On The Car Window Game

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  • mrambassador reply Mate, I'm 24 and I still do it when I'm on a bus to work
  • PuzzlesIRL reply I actually forgot that I used to do it until I saw this video, lol
  • HopkinsHat reply Ya I used to imagine Sonic running outside whenever I ws super bored.
  • NateToons reply Duuudeee I did the same thing as well! I even imagined the stickmen failing sometimes, tumbling and falling in almost a rag doll fashion. Nowadays I just daydream stories while I listen to music. :P
  • missdsquared413 reply I never played this game but I will say I love driving with the windows down while blasting music
  • [ – ] ComplaintsOfAnEnglishman reply this was pretty funny and its good to see another animator who swears, keep it up mate
    • [ – ] Gavinmation parent reply Thanks man! Yeah, I never really stifle myself. And I'm not not sure one 'bad' word (as is deemed by a subjective viewpoint) is worth putting a NSFW tag in. Adult animation is my main thing anyway (or it will be when I get past the 'image slideshow' phase lol)
      • [ – ] ComplaintsOfAnEnglishman parent reply No problem im more into the "adult" animation myself as you may know and it gives you alot more creative freedom plus im sure you will be out of the slideshow phase soon or mix it together with some simple animations, either way its upto you its your channel and i wish you the best of luck
  • CloudKnight reply ending made me laugh hard tho
  • CloudKnight reply no money for u
  • RedZeptic reply yes, i do that. when ever Im bored and in the car. also "i'll be on your kids" best quote.
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