Greetings Vidme.....and testing.

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  • [ – ] WellReadDaily reply Hey great to see you again my friend. The camera and sounds works better than mine! This should be fun.
    • Derek1972 parent reply Right on! The main reason I gave up on YouTube was technical. I made my videos with my digital camcorder. It stored the files internally in an odd format, so I needed to convert them to a format YouTube would accept. I began to have problems with the camera software and could not resolve it. My laptop at the time was a Dell which had a poor webcam. So, out of frustration, I took a break and then just never got back into it. So....... This could be fun!
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply You could do a bad ass kung fu movie with that thing. lol Great to see you again.
    • [ – ] Derek1972 parent reply Yeah....been wearing a beard for a few years now. As for the Kung Fu, I'll leave that up to David Carradine. I must say....the more I explore this platform, the more I like it. Cheers!
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