👏🏽Apocalyptic MMO Action Game? | ❌Crossout❌ | XB1,PS4,PC❗️

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  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Great video awesome game play and commentary . I love this game Keep up the awesome job can't wait to see your new PC. Peace DGTLONE
    • Ms_K parent reply @DGTLONE THX buddy glad u enjoyed it.I can't wait to get that PC too...waiting on a graphics card once that comes in that will complete my build.
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply Isn't that one of the best parts of gaming?! Just humping in and starting something new. It's awesome!!
    • Ms_K parent reply @NickOfTime i WOULD HAVE TO SAY "yes" thats the fun part if gaming!!! thx for stopping by and watching my vids
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply The name is not BlackOut. The game is called BlackLight Retribution. It's a multiplayer game free on PS4.
    • Ms_K parent reply You know what MeekMeek I have played that game but uninstalled it.It was free game when we 1st got our PS4's
  • [ – ] MeekMeekGaming reply I was going to check it out, but downloaded BlackOut. Hey check out BlackOut is is pretty good shooter for free on PS4.
  • Nightwulf29 reply Looks interesting. I'll check it out!
  • [ – ] RaysSportsGaming reply @Ms_K I tried to reply to you on youtube because thats where you commented at. But youtube said something wrong and my reply never went out. I was just it is truly a blessing to have you comment on my youtube video, and I know how you feel about youtube these days. Much appreciated. Thanks Mucho Amor Ms. K. Ps. I got an Xbox One I may have to check this game out. Great Game Victory like Puffy and Busta Rhymes is yours.
  • [ – ] WellReadDaily reply Looks pretty darn good.
  • [ – ] CletusBojangle reply Looks like a great game hope to see more of it :D
  • [ – ] ChariotMan reply This game looks fun as hell! Plus it's online. I may have to check this game out on Steam..
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