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  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply yeaaa i have no idea what that is lol and also we dont like having 2 bags of sugar in our sweets lol i think we have a regulation for just 1 ;P
    • AmbyCakes parent reply yea I agree. This slice in particular had zero sugar in it but I think it was a goof up tbh because I've had it again and it was delicately sweet. I didn't grow up eating the typical american diet so I prefer sweets like that.
  • [ – ] zoldos reply Americans are addicted to sugar. :(
    • [ – ] AmbyCakes parent reply I grew up eating more Mexican pastries and homemade stuff so I didn't really get much of the whole 20000 kilos of sugar per candy bar lol. I agree completely some American sweets have given me a headache.
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