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  • [ – ] StCerberusEngel reply I'd have to double-check as to just what the limit was, but Nedry had to get off the island at a particular time because the embryos wouldn't keep in the portable unit indefinitely, and the ferry he was going to get out on was the last one for the day. Also, he probably turned the fences off in order to sabotage the park and either kill or ruin Hammond's venture. Why he couldn't have timed them to turn off later, I don't know, but I'm guessing he hadn't planned on the storm fucking his escape up.
  • slyofwar reply Ahh yes the mysteries cliff inside the T-Rex's exhibit is there to showoff its levitation abilities as shown in act 3 when the T-Rex teleports into the final act for you see this T-Rex like the indominous Rex from Jurassic World has the mystical power of plot convenience
  • GaryTurbo reply The worst part of the movie, they kill off the only guy that can operate the park and somehow a little girl manage to do that
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