Progressivism for Bigots - A 7 Step Guide to Progress!

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The media and entertainment industry plays are left orientated. The play Shakes Sphere in the park is just one example of the many forms of accepted propaganda. How about a play of actors showing decent a remake of the play Shakes Sphere in the park and before they can kill the president the secret service kills the actors. It's time the so called ARTS stopped being a branch of liberal propaganda. Were are the Trump protester demanding this use of a public arena be shut down. It's time the left media propaganda not have unrestricted Brainwashing, shut it down, protest, they want their rights to show their liberal garbage in public and you don't have to accept it. Using your free speech to stop their free speech, isn't free speech it's ANTIFA. These play's aren't free speech their recruitment drives of the far left.
  • Forestal reply But... but Professor Bret Weinstein says racism is part of our evolutionary biology, which can be dealt with by "progressive education"-- wait, so is racism innate or are humans a blank slate? I think he's confused...
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