Minnow Trap - Amazingly Simple! Fishing Hack

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  • [ – ] Bushcraft_Prepping_Survival reply That's what I like to see.... Nice n simple AND it works. Use these all the time and they always produce something for bait. Good to see a fishing channel on here. Up-voted & Followed. all the best, Steve (UKpreppersGuide.co.uk)
    • Rubadux parent reply thanks; there aren't many fishing or outdoors channels here yet; I've petitioned to get a category established called "outdoors and sports", or a separate "outdoors" category -- doesn't exist either. "Lifestyle", while encompassing beauty and shopping tips, fashion and interior design, isn't exactly doing our outdoors pursuits justice. Could you support that by mailing a suggestion to feedback@vid.me ?
  • [ – ] JJR-SURVIVAL reply great minnow trap mate
  • [ – ] veteranmountianman reply Yep I have used this method as well though mine was a gallon jug
  • Rubadux reply This is how I make my minnow traps: Extremely simple, done in seconds! What you need is no more than an empty plastic bottle and a knife. Enjoy!
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