Wren Reads : ABCs of LGBT+ Episode 5 (Final Section)

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply I bet you are glad finishing this series. lol These terminologies have changed since I first learned them in 2008. It is almost like they change with every college semester. As a bisexual person like yourself, would recommended this book to another pre-bisexual or bisexual person? It appears that this book is made for those people who do not even know what "sex" is. ^.^ BTW, the look you have in the video looks good on you!
    • [ – ] ReadingWren parent reply I'd recommend porn before Id recommend this to someone who is confused about their sexuality and yes the terms evolve over night in the depths of tumblr to fast for people to keep up with.
      • I3UTM parent reply I would recommend amateur porn. It's less fake and more realistic. It's also something that the same individual could with their own webcam. The Tumblr feels! (.)Y(.)
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