It's completely fine to objectify men?!?

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  • TheTrue reply Apparently being attracted to one another is offensive. 😂 The complaints should be directed at media and fashion industries via simply not buying into male and female slut culture if it bothers you. They will keep selling it so long as we buy it, so if offended, don't buy it.
  • IronicMartyr reply This is an interesting topic and it's nice to hear a woman's honest opinion. I personally received unwanted attention from both men and women when I was younger, but for the most part I just brushed it off. Honestly one of my favorite things to do when I was in my twenties was to hang out with other bisexuals and compare tastes in men and women. I have a podcast at and would be interested in having you on as a guest to discuss this subject. You can contact me through the site if you are interested.
  • JimGiant reply Do I even need to guess what the writer of the article looked like?
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