Best Ways To Relax // My Personal Relaxation Tips

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  • [ – ] rubbishycrap reply Thumbs up for meditation. There's lots of resources on the web where you can learn simple meditation techniques, and it's something you can do in 10 to 20 minutes a day. Ingredients are a room with no distractions, a comfy chair or a bed, and you.
    • redRomina parent reply that's so true. There are many resources, but the most important thing is to just BE and that's the core of meditation. (:
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thanks for making a video about this! Spending relaxation time is so important but I find myself making excuses to avoid it. Yet I always feel better when I just do it. You've inspired me, Romina, to get back to it and make it a daily thing. Sometimes I just need a reminder.
    • redRomina parent reply thank you for watching!! Yes, sometimes I get into phases where I get lazy or make up reasons for why I can't take 10 minutes to meditate or not do anything at all. But like you said, I always feel better after I do it anyway!
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply interesting book choices for relaxing haha. I've always felt awkward when i tried yoga. Sometimes it's just watching Vidme videos is relaxing to me, but my favorite is quality time with my family away from tv or electronic distractions.
  • [ – ] DrCut reply Very good advice, thank you. There is also Tai-Chi and if you have some pain in your back you should drink more water. :)
    • [ – ] redRomina parent reply I'm familiar with Tai-Chi but have never tried it. I see people doing it at the park. I drink a lot of water. :/ My back pains are nearly not there anymore due to yoga and being more mindful of it and walking more. The back pains were more prominent and started because of years of sitting for hours at a desk and not leading a very active life.
      • DrCut parent reply I see. Tai-Chi is very relaxing it's like Kung-fu in slow motion. We can say than Tai-Chi is an intern form of Kung-fu. This is very simple and good exercise for back pains :) :
  • [ – ] Good_News_This_Morning reply I listen to videos. But seriously great ideas.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Thank you so much for the tips @redRomina Yeah I agree tea can gives yourself some relaxation :)
  • [ – ] TheBite reply Would it help me relax if I hired someone to shout at me "Relax!!!" while pointing a gun at my head?
  • [ – ] SharkByte reply I need to check out now
    • redRomina parent reply yes! You can use it absolutely free or they have a yearly subscription for extra features, but I used it free for years before I finally turned to the paid version.
  • [ – ] Morgan1 reply very helpful, right now thank you
  • LazyCook reply I rather enjoy yarrow tea, and it has a wide range of benefits. It was very popular in Europe before the China tea trade began.
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