Canada's Assault on Freedom

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  • [ – ] LewChaney reply Hi Jill, I heard about VIDME for the first time from a YOUTUBE video you posted indicating you were opening a vidme account. I too then opened a vidme account for the sole purpose of following your channel. I was very surprised to find that I could not find your channel by searching your name. Even now while I am a follower I cannot find your channel using vidme search. I only found your channel by your url link on the same youtube video where you spoke of vidme. I hope vidme improves their search engine, or they may have a rough start. Anyhow, your videos are great and you articulate your messages perfectly. I wish you great success in your media endeavors... Regards, Lew
    • jillcolton parent reply Hi Lew! Thanks for signing up with Vidme to show support! That's awesome ... I have no idea why it's hard to find me - who knows? I'm trying several new platforms including BitChute and Minds ... one will hopefully stick and not be so problematic! Man it's hard having a different opinion these days ;)
    • [ – ] TheAverageAirsofter parent reply I had the same experience of having to use the URL instead of manually looking her up.
  • hikerico reply Made me nauseous listening to the laws and motions you mentioned, Jill. Time to consider retiring to a country with more common sense and not yet severely hit with mental illness.
  • [ – ] freethatsfunny reply Canada has always leaned to socialism now it's becoming full retard communist! I'm going to identify as a black female transgendered Muslim. No one will be able to say shit to me without a visit from the thought police ;)
    • jillcolton parent reply I don't see a problem with that - everything is a social construct to Liberals so why not? lol
  • TheAverageAirsofter reply This is plain tyranny!
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