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  • Star_Wars6collector reply Our Government continues to screw the natives people out of deals by tricking them and taking advantage of them, offering them a small payout for having a dam made or a small percentage, just a joke when our native people have harsh living conditions yet they can find homes for 35,000 people from the middle east but not homes for the native people that are in huge need as well as for all the other people living here, so many people cant afford a home because the prices are so high or so many houses are owned by land lords,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply most native peoples reserves don't even have clean drinking water
  • Star_Wars6collector reply That Putin is really nice, offering free land housing and money to go live in the far east, 2.5 acres of land, Our Government gives us nothing and shits all over the people in Canada with higher and higher taxes,
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