How to Promote Your YouTube or Vidme Channel

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  • [ – ] mindofklink reply The question you really need to ask yourself is what kind of growth do you want? Do you want quick, artificial growth or do you want natural growth? Both methods are entirely valid however you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences. If you want artificial growth - the idea that you want to increase your subscriber/follower count as quickly as possible - there are many options available to you. Bots or accounts can be bought to follow/subscribe to channels, retweet and promote your tweets or up-vote your content while down-voting your competitors (Reddit, Vidme etc). Sponsorships, advertising and joining a network/Multichannel network (MCN) is another way to quickly boost your presence within the market. You also mentioned Pewdiepie in your video but failed to mention that the reason he became as popular as he did was by manipulating loopholes and faults within YouTube's algorithms back in the day. By traveling around the world and uploading videos within those countries (w...morehether he realised it or not), he was able to get his videos to trend which would ultimately turn him into a global sensation. Sub-for-sub/follow-for-follow, posting a link to your videos in the comments of other creators or posting to forums, tags, video titles, clickbait thumbnails and descriptions are all avenues at your disposal. What are the positives? You'll grow your subscriber/follower account ridiculously quickly. What are the negatives? While not illegal these tactics are considered morally questionable and furthermore, while your subscriber count will grow dramatically, the actual engagement of your videos will be next to nothing. Taking Pewdiepie as an example again, while he has over 50 million subscribers, he's only getting about 1-2 million views per video on average. It's more than what most will ever get but at the same time, for a channel of his size, those engagement statistics are absolutely abysmal. If you choose sponsorships/networking, a large portion of your money earned through your large following will be given to the networks as compensation. If you want a natural growth, make videos and content the way you want, how you want without worrying about what anyone thinks (as you rightfully point out in the video). The positives? Your fans have an immense amount of trust and respect for you since you haven't "sold out" and your fanbase will grow based on the quality of your content rather than your ability to network. The negatives? Your subscriber/follower count will never be as high as someone manipulating algorithms and due to this, your exposure is greatly reduced. At the end of the day (in my experience), your success in this industry is entirely dependent on luck. You can manipulate algorithms all you want but eventually they get patched out. Fans come and go and tastes change drastically over time. What was once popular is now old hat. No one truly knows 'how to make it big' as the suggestions made will only apply to a fraction of the population. Do what you feel is necessary to grow your channel and no matter what path you choose, be prepared to face the consequences of those decisions.
    • Charlton parent reply WOW. Saying this is an amazing post is an UNDER statement, majorly. I just subscribed to your YT channel and I'll be back for sure again to see what else you have to say, and what you have going on. It's hard to reply to your post in a way that's deserving. You offered so much good information, stunning - very real and solid useful analysis and practical knowledge. I can't thank you enough. And I think I WILL try to grow my channel naturally, organically and just make the best videos I can and try to get better and better at doing it. That it what makes me the happiest, when I feel like I made a better video, when I feel I'm improving. It really does give me a surge of joy, a rush so to speak. Now I'm having to get back to doing my normal job today actually, so I'm going to try to keep this going, making a video each day from the content gained by listening to conservative talk radio all day as I work. That is what I follow, politics is my entertainment, and I can speak to political ma...moretters with some comfort level and some knowledge and do it happily. We'll see if I can keep it interesting and fun and worth listening to. If not, i'll have to change it then I guess. We'll see. Thanks again. I wish you all the best and I'll check back to see whats going on with you. You do the same, if you can. thanks. Charlton
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I have no respect for youtube anymore I am now a primary vidme exclusive as I left youtube at the end of 2016 because they lied about the unsubscribe glitch issue.
    • [ – ] Charlton parent reply YouTube is discouraging. I just had another video de-monetized and it was totally harmless. I dont know. But thanks for commenting. Charlton
      • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Your welcome buddy and is what I am afraid of the de-monitization of videos with no ads and it is very distressing when we work hard producing content to get it out there and for youtube to mess it up big time, thats one of the reasons why I left youtube.
  • AdamAlake reply I appreciate your honesty, dude, and the video is useful, so, like, upvoted.
  • moistfob reply I really don't like using social media to promote your channel. It has worked like twice for me in the span of two months but it all feels very disingenuous. Everyone just wants you to sub/follow them.
  • Sectual reply CHARLTON FOREVER. Great video, thanks man!
  • arenelomax reply Yup, #makegoodcontent . That's the ticket, there are no shortcuts on this road.
  • [ – ] ThatMagnetMan reply Great video
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Yeah, I think you hit it there. Just make the best videos you can. If you like what you're doing, then keep doing it. At some point you have to ask yourself why you're doing the whole thing. Some people like receiving the extra attention. Some people love entertaining others. Some people like informing others. Some people like connecting to others. Some people want to be a celebrity and have all that goes with that. And other reasons. None of that is bad, it just is. Either way, making videos is a huge amount of work, a big time and energy commitment. I enjoy your videos, Charlton. I appreciate that you do what you do and hope you keep doing it. If it makes you happy to keep doing it, I'll keep watching. If you find something else more productive and enriching to do, then more power to you. Whether you're a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond, or some other combination thereof, it all comes down to what makes you happy. Either way, thank you for sharing yourself wi...moreth the rest of us!
    • Charlton parent reply Thank you FPP. So true and I'll keep trying I hope. Today starts a new chapter. Basically I have to get back to work at my normal job, but I hope to be able to make one video per day still, we'll see if I can manage that; think of some content to talk about from listening to conservative talk radio as I work, and then put something to video thats fun and interesting and engaging. Again, we'll see. But again thank you, because there are times, lots of times where I feel silly, and discouraged and your kind thought have been nice to read and pick me up some. Thank you. Charlton
  • [ – ] Velo_a_Montreal reply So... be a chick. That's how you promote ;)
    • Charlton parent reply It does help, but hey that's ok, until I want to bitch and complain about it, which is coming soon probably in a video. thanks, Charlton
  • TheAttempters reply Sub4sub is garbage i did it will my first channel and it was 600 subs of people who would never be interested in watching your stuff.
  • Mofreedom reply So on point on Twitter. Worth doing for those diamonds of interaction, but 90% crap. I don't read my feed either...
  • Bushcraft_Prepping_Survival reply Agree with you completely. Quality content will give you the best long term results. Simple. Why buy 10,000 followers. How the hell you going to engage with them!! Good stuff man. Thank you.
  • Stoney_Creek reply New person on the video scene here...great advice! From your vid and even reading through the comments.
  • Blue_Rayner reply thanks for the advice and follow Thank you.
  • Wayndeet reply Thanks for the advice...
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