Bad news for Megyn Kelly

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply I don't watch much tv any more
    • [ – ] 75ncw parent reply Yea me too. Cant find decent anything anymore
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply what really gets me is how stupid the world leaders are now that I have solved how to make new earth planets as well as know how to have real longer lasting life from nano frequency, like the time before Noah, when we used to be far more advanced civilization,
        • [ – ] 75ncw parent reply Yea I agree with you. You would have to investigate this on your own but there is a reason that the world leaders are stupid. There is a reason why the good ones are taken out like JFK. There is a reason why the left do not President Trump and it is connected to the entertainment industry and connected to the pedophilia. It is all gross and sick. A lot of brain washing. Like I have said before to others, the more advanced we get the more stupid we become and we loose our spirituality
          • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply I almost killed the person that did that to me but then learned how to forgive them and confronted them, I learned how to heal but never to forget,
            • [ – ] 75ncw parent reply I am sorry that it happened to you. That was wrong of them to do that to you. I will pray that the Lord gives you more peace and more healing and a whole lot of love
              • Star_Wars6collector parent reply it is easy to have killed him but it makes you stronger to have forgiven knowing that I am here as a reminder that he will have to live with what he has done, now my own child does not have to go through that cycle of torment, that is what makes my heart grow and glow within, as well as any children I have in the future,
              • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply If that had never happened to me then I would not have gained a gift of sight that helped others because I could see it clearly in there eyes, plus God already saved me when I tried to take my life because I should have died when I was 15 after taking 100 extra strength Tylenol, the tests at the hospital showed that I should have died from toxic shock to my kidneys since the levels of toxicens where so high, but I was lucky since I had said my peace and laid down to sleep after I took all those pills and washed them down with a beer, I woke up puking up as many partially dissolved pills, the first thing about death is that you want to live, So God saved me and I have saved others in my walks throughout my life,
                • [ – ] 75ncw parent reply I tried to take my life many times in the past and almost succeeded one but I repented at the last minute. I too almost died but the Lord saved me. I know the Lord loves me. I do have my testimony's and I try to help when the opportunities rise and praying is my best weapon it has helped me and my family and others that I have prayed for. Everyone has there own gifts. Mine is empathy and praying and the Lord gives me warning on when I need to pray. I talk to Him all the time. I am thankful that He is in my life. You are loved and He has a purpose for you and me.
                  • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I didn't like seeing hell because there was so many bodies in the blood red waters and a thrown of skulls on the shore, and the vision said "ocean in your eyes", The coming Polar Shift and the earth changes have already taken over 600,000 lives or it could have been the UN blowing up the fault lines, but the magnetic poles are moving towards Russia as predicted, so the Polar Shift cycle is happening,
                  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply I have seen both Heaven and hell, and in Heaven the Angels all lined up for me because we are all sons and daughters from God, God is very large and a golden colour, I don't know why I have a 666 on my right hand but I have already fought off the demons and Satan has no powers over me, I burned my bibles because they are a real abomination to God, Jesus taught the living truth from God and those bibles distorted it because the popes changed them as well as took out the real truth, Only God confirms all matters of life as Jesus Christ said " all praise and glory goes to God, God knows my true heart and I have chosen to spread life as well as save life,
                    • [ – ] 75ncw parent reply Salvation is apart of the word of God. Jesus was born. He taught the word of God. He sacrificed Himself for our redemption and shed His blood to cover our sins. To heal us. He rose from the dead and walks with us in spirit. With out the words in the bible how are we suppose to know the love and sacrifice? How are we to know without the bible? the KJV is the best that is why I love learning from Jim. Jim breaks it down for me. Without the bible we are clueless. We walk by faith
                      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I am to know because I have God within my true heart, just like I know how to build new earth planets, once you open up to God, God and only God shows the ways of invention within his divine love to spread all life,
          • Star_Wars6collector parent reply with advanced knowledge comes advanced things we could do to repair the damages they have done to others as well as fixing there own minds to cure them of there sickness, you can take the part of there minds that makes them do these bad things and erase it or replace it so they don't harm anyone else, Every cell has a magnetic memory imprint, So you could read there minds and replace or burnt out the bad part, as well as repair the harsh trauma done to our youth,
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