Virginia Shooting Hoax - FULL BREAKDOWN with JEFF C. Vester Lee Flanagan Shooting

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  • Hell_on_Wheels reply I didn't realize vid.me has existed this long.
  • Shadowrunner reply Keep uploading your videos here. Eventually we're gonna have to GTFO of Fagtube...I mean youtube.
  • JustSayin reply I know people are not going to return here to reply, but does an assassin pretending to be Flanagan count as a "crazy hoax theory" or is it a plausible theory because it can be done by just one person, without even involving the cops? I mean the only actual proof it was Flanagan was a blurry video frame, nobody actually knows if that 23 page death note was sent by him. And when the cops were after him thinking he really did this they may have just shot him after he crashed (like they sometimes do when they think the person is dangerous and/or deserves revenge) OR he really shot himself, knowing his life would be fucked after this.
  • gunlivesmatter reply This happened an hour away from me, it was NOT I REPEAT NOT A HOAX, and you are all idiots.
  • gluedbarstool reply I worked as a cameraman for 4029 News. The black ring is used to clip her lapel mic to her leg as she was wearing a dress. Females often use these. Just look at Laura Huckabee from 4029 News/ABC affiliate.
  • DanaScully reply Reporters are trained to keep rolling on LIVE feeds, they don't stop what they are doing because bystanders are coming towards them on the contrary they pretend like they are not there so as to NOT interfere with the filming. (Reporters are going to be paranoid now and have a harder time not looking.)
  • JustSayin reply And let me make one more clarification: When I say "they" I don't mean any lizards, aliens, illuminati or even the most rich and powerful. I mean "some of the individuals that would benefit from taking away the people's right to bear arms".
  • JustSayin reply My theory is that they found a guy that has potential motive to do that kind of stuff, but to be able to do it in such cold-bloodedness they had to: A: drug him with meds and/or push him in some other way; or B: get an entire different person masked as him to do it, then killed the real guy. In both cases I think they added/edited-in the first drawing of the gun for a more dramatic effect (but didn't notice she looked at him right before that). They even added one "oh my god" scream in the live footage (which is not heard in the shooter's video). Bottom line: I just can't believe someone would not even twitch while pointing a gun at ppl that can see him at any time. I don't buy the idea that a person could do all this so calmly, just because of remarks made years ago. If he indeed did this, the real issue here is mental illness, not guns, because if a person is THAT crazy he could kill you with a butter knife.
  • ReallyBro reply The thing on her leg is spanks sticking out of the bottom of her skirt
  • JustSayin reply I know they died, that makes it even more fucked up if it's on purpose. And the weird theories about the hand and the thing on her leg are just distractions to make some ppl sound crazy. You have to look deeper for the proof, these people won't make such obvious mistakes.
  • scozes reply The thing on her leg is the microphone how fucking stupid are you people??? do you really believe the shit that comes out of your mouths? two people died
  • JustSayin reply Hugh_Jass care to explain why not? Way crazier shit has happened... nothing would surprise me anymore. Or are you being sarcastic lol I can't tell..
  • Hugh_Jass reply OMG JustSayin as if that scenario would ever happen.
  • clownsec reply 2:48-2:51 you can see the reporter actually turn her head and look straight at the gunman, its hard to catch because she falls off screen, but look at it a bunch, you will see her start to turn her head towards him at about 2:48 just before off screen, and then 2:51 she is turning her head back towards the person being interviewed. She just looked at him, while he had the gun out!
  • JustSayin reply also it can still be a hoax with the victims really being murdered (for example if they're paid and told he's gonna shoot blanks, but he shoots real bullets instead)
  • JustSayin reply if you download the shooter POW video in decent quality and open it in video editing software you can see the journalist turn her whole head towards the shooter for exactly one frame and it's so close to the edge of the screen only half her face is visible. on the other hand you can't find that part of the interview nowhere on the internet (because it will show from the cameraman's POW she looks at the shooter right at the time he's pulling the gun out) isn't it weird that you can find the shooters video AND the live broadcast with the shooting, but you won't find the whole interview from it's beginning? The journalist is clearly asking questions in the shooter's video, but the live news footage starts with the other woman answering a question... so why don't they show the whole interview from the beginning to prove hoaxers wrong? I'm just asking questions...
  • hturt reply Hi Jeff, the strap that she's wearing around her left leg could be a patellar strap or knee band strap. They are used by people who have knee problems to alleviate pressure. Google it for more info.
  • hturt reply @ HalvorsenT2: Most excellent analysis.
  • The_Mole777 reply The lady reporter has a garter belt on so the shooter will know who to point the gun at, this is another false flag setup by the leader of isis " obama " .
  • HalvorsenT2 reply Very probable gun control psy-op. A 100 lb woman hit with a 9mm would register impact movements. Screaming voice would change pitch and tone after impact. Too many shots in her direction, while the very close camera man didn't attack or throw the camera at him. Firearm held too low to aim, but carefully postures in frame of the camera. Bizarre intent to record shooting, and to upload it to the public. If shots missed, no enclosed space impact sites or sounds are documented. Body and\or blood of psy-shooter not documented at site of death. Camera man is big, but no post-shooting movement, struggle or blood. Nice old lady doesn't have the media skills to have ignored ambient presence of a large black approaching and lurking at length with an open weapon. No avenging disgruntled anti-racism type language yelled or uttered. No recognition names exclaimed between psy-victims and psy-attacker. Police statement showed Captain touching and rubbing his forehead numerous times in a nervous tell,...more also his limited emotional authenticity. Spurious leading questions from press after police statement, many of which are ignored, refused or declined so as to seed narrative and by exclusion direct endgame of psy-op. Government statement from political leadership reverses recent anti-racism dialectic and ply's an alienating, somewhat humanity insensitive, administrative gun control plug.
  • blevingstein reply I think it's kind of weird how they didn't react to seeing a gun in their peripherals. but it may have been just enough out of sight. to get a good interview you don't want to be looking around anyway.
  • hellojapan1 reply not much disection here jeffy boy. you could go into the gun if it's firing blanks or not.
  • FreeRadioRevolu reply Link to We'll Do it LIVE: The REAL Alternative Podcast: https://plus.google.com/b/101531310210833603222/events/cgstomorq3m882506qg2ubep1as
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