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  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply LOL Good thing you were on camera and on a crowed street, they were looking around to see if it was the right time to beat your ass. LOL Too funny, they are more good cops than bad cops. YouTube is creating too much of a negative perception because it has purposely made it so all the bad cop video's come up as a suggested might like. It part of creating SJW culture, The same is done when a person searches for Climate Change. All the fake stuff comes up, the videos that prove it's a SCAM are suppressed by YouTube. You need a G-mail account to make comments on YouTube, there connected and it censorship. Google needs to be broke up as it is a danger too freedom of speech. That is why content creators need to support other platforms and leave YouTube. They claim they own your material right from the get go. Total control of your intellectual property rights. Zucker burg is the same with Face Book or SPY Book where you compile the data for them.
    • Mike-BlueHair parent reply thats exactly why im here! thank you for watching! fyi All my videos aren't me ragging on cops. when they are nice so am I! if they wanna be dickheads I chop them off! lol Case & point officer Webb is a pretty cool dude.
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