Story Story!: Wil E. Coyote!

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  • CountLoliDee reply Dang my dad's childhood neighborhood had a pack of wild dogs. He watched them maul two old people to death when they were doing yard work down the street. The neighborhood dads all went to take them out, they all had rabies. Rabies are no joke they are like crazy zombies, it was sad but they were suffering.
  • Dos_Gaming reply Damn! I wish my dad was Brock from Pokemon.
  • [ – ] The_Turtle reply you good at drawing bro
    • AngelXMikey parent reply Thank you, for these kinds of stories im gonna try to keep the art simple like this, but if you wanna check out my other artwork you can go to my other accounts!!!
  • [ – ] sarah reply ahhh i can't but feel sorry for the coyote. but it had rabies so i guess it's understandable. did your dog not get rabies afterwards? :O
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