You Lost Me at 'Paid Multiplayer' - Some Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

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  • TheAwesomeKielbasa reply +ChazDragoon Yeah, but it will be harder for PC to go that way since it's an open platform and even if Microsoft starts locking down Windows, we can switch to Linux.
  • ChazDragoon reply back in my day multiplayer didn't cost anything...probably because there was no internet and we went to friend's houses; even then once Online was a thing, playing with others wasn't an extra cost either. This is just another aspect of greed destroying all that was good about video games...Nintendo was the last bastion of how Video Games were both business and design wise and they've been transitioning to follow Microsoft's bullshit plans since Iwata passed away. (I'd include Sony in that, but they were free multiplayer until the ultimately, fucking MS.) The moment the PC market follows this disgusting practice is when it all collapses...i swear.
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