Shouting Out Vidme Creators (sorry for late upload)

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  • [ – ] theangelofdice reply It's great that you're doing this - really helps out the small creators. Nice that you do pros and cons as well
    • Brannie parent reply A little bit criticism is good to help improve others work and make them progress and hope they do well! Thank you for watching as well, really appreciate it.
  • becomebusy reply they need more improvement and more easy way for everyone.
  • [ – ] CoachMickey reply Holy beeswax!!! That was awesome 👏!!!! Thanks for the advice! I want to upload daily but I'm limited cuz I'm not verified yet! This was dope
    • Brannie parent reply That's fine and I understand. It didn't take me long to get verified so I don't see it much as you do but, wishing you luck on your Vidme career tho!
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Just so you know, non of them are verified so they can't categorize videos. That becomes available after verification. At least that is how it was for me. Great video otherwise, I love that you give pros and cons to help them improve!
    • Brannie parent reply I noticed as well, this was recorded a few days ago and I didn't notice until then so I included it in the video, but thank you very much bro. I'm doing what I can to help content creators succeeded on here and it's greatly appreciated!
  • [ – ] Trugglez reply Also thank you for the criticism. I need more experienced people to give me criticism because it helps me alot. I will definitely use your suggestions as they are very helpful!
    • Brannie parent reply Don't worry bout it dude, keep at it and you'll eventually get somewhere on here, took me some work to get where I am and I'm doing the best for all the small content creators / newcomers.
  • Trugglez reply Thank you so much I appreciate a big VidMe Creator like you shouting out my channel. Have a great day.
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