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  • tonygreene113 reply Aww Tara. Save the fruit fly? Screw them butt banging buggers. I'm trying to get rid of them too!
  • JustABloke reply Awww you big softie, good for you... I know which option I would've used 🙃
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply VeganBoobs is also a vegan channel you should check out. ^.^ You appear to me to employ the Buddhist style of non-aggression mentality. ^.^
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply Meh. I am a libertarian, it just extends to animals, too. "Do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone (or anything) else."
      • I3UTM parent reply Interesting You're using the NAP to the non-human species of this planet. Maybe that is the truest way to peace. ^.^
  • Platypus67 reply I hate these little pests! So you don't wanna kill them fruit flies as adults - but killing their babies by literally BOILING THEM ALIVE you're a ok with?! Funny philosophy you have there girl...! I take a pet bottle, cut off the top, turn it around and stick it back in the rest of said bottle. Put some fruit juice (1cm high) inside and you got the best cheapest fruit fly trap. Btw. the holes in the wrap should be made with a tooth pick - not a huge ass knife; Just saying... 😜🤓😎
  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply An old Okinawan man told me chopsticks work well.
  • ThingsNStuff reply Oh my fucking god you should definitely do a sexy cooking show. I would have to eat vegan every time one came out.
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