A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

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  • [ – ] sarah reply heck yea! people do need to be more kind and think twice before saying the things that they do. i always tell myself to be kinder everyday too because being mean literally helps no one
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Yes, exactly! It really bothers me when people are mean to me, or anyone for that matter, for absolutely no reason. That's why I think little acts of kindness can make a lot of difference.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply I am a troll and therefore am constantly being rude to people, but since y'all keep being nice to me I can't help but be nice back...trolls are deathly allergic to acts of kindness. :D
  • [ – ] ThePrincessNeshh reply I agree. Kindness does goes a long way. I tried to be kind or at least put a smile on people faces. Some people say I'm too nice. Lol
  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Wow the nerve of some people it blows my mind. All you can do is keep doing you and don't let bitter people knock you off course and change the way you treat others.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Great thought :) I always say that I won't let things get to me but sometimes it is impossible to not let things get to me... So, I always try to treat people with extreme kindness.
  • [ – ] Powerpuff reply I want to wear a t-shirt that says "BE MORE KIND!" Great words said. I experience a lot of rude people on a daily basis and I try my best to kill them with kindness.
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply I want that shirt too haha. It is just so hard when people are mean to me after I have been so kind to them. I always try to be nice and kind in all aspects of my life. I love the saying "kill them with kindness."
      • [ – ] Powerpuff parent reply I always wonder why so many people in this world are rude/mean. I feel like the majority of mean people use to be nice once upon a time in their life. I feel like they were around a lot of rude people that influenced them to change the way they treat others. Why be nice to people if all they do is treat you like crap? I feel like they have that type of mindset. I'm sometimes tempted to turn into a mean person because it doesn't matter what I do or say, people still walk all over me. It's hard, but I'll try my best to continue killing people with kindness.
        • JessicaMartwin parent reply Same here. I think it takes more effort to be mean than kind. That is a really good point. The way people are raised makes a HUGE difference. I just fee like, eventually, people will start being more nice to me since I am always nice to others. It hasn't worked out so far but here's to hoping.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply How the heck do you lose a dog ? in NZ they have to be registered and microchipped, applies to cats as well. Have you got your microphone on echo LoL I hear everything you say repeated. Oh Sarah is domesticated LoL not sure how that applies to humans. Now don't be offended, but with all the movies that comes out of the USA, it's "expected" you Sue anybody for anything and any reason no matter how trivial it is, or is this bullshit ? A little kindness "does" go a long way. After this comment I gave my cat a hug, hmm he's a bit fat, better put him on a diet.
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply I know, right?! I always know where my dog is as well as Sarah's dogs. Our dogs are micro chipped. I think it is required on military installations? And I have no idea... the microphone on my camera has some random bouts of not working well. Ha, Sarah said that people use the term domesticated because some people, apparently, get offended when you say housewife. So, it's a joke that we have. But she's not a housewife because she's a full time student. I'm not offended. I am not easily offended. And yes, it really is expected... and we were in Illinois, which has one of the highest rates of suing people. It isn't bullshit. I have seen way too many people sued for absolutely no reason. I can tell you guys a short story about that in my vlog for today. Haha! My cat needs to go on a diet too....
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Wtf? Trying to sue your sister when she was the one who hit your dog? What kind of backwards world does that person live in? Ugh, that's infuriating. Retail, fast food industry, bankers, and just services used on a daily basis get the brunt of that ugliness. Whenever I work elections locally or nationally, it's the worst I've ever seen people act. Impatient, unfriendly, intolerant and just flat out rude to my coworkers and I when we're just trying to do our job and get them checked-in and ready to vote as painless as possible. Annoys me to no end and like you said, ruins the rest of my day. I could write novel about it but I'll just stop there lol. I'm with you 100% on this
    • [ – ] JessicaMartwin parent reply It was terrible! It finally blew over when my grandma begged the lady not to sue. My sister and I are bother broke college students so even if she sued she would have gained absolutely nothing. I gosh, I couldn't even imagine how bad it would be to work an election! It is just so heartbreaking to see people be mean to other people for no good reason. It makes me feel so bad...
      • [ – ] USUandS parent reply Grandma coming in to save the day big time; that's awesome. Haha being broke does have it's benefits (silver-lining maybe???). Sometimes people have bad days and end up taking it out on people they interact with on public is what I've found. It'd be nice it didn't happen though. And then there's assholes out there and you can't stop that... sigh
        • JessicaMartwin parent reply haha, my grandma is a pretty awesome lady and yep. She would have gotten nothing from my sister which is probably why she dropped the thought. Yeah, that is a really good point.
  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply Good video Jessica, I like the animals
  • [ – ] Jmusic-singerandsongwriter reply nice video and so kind of you
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I wonder what it would be like to actually be one of those people who would disagree with you on this, someone who would say that there is already too much kindness in this world and that we need to scale it back a bit. There must be some people like that. Or maybe some people feel their meanness is justified somehow or that they are exempt from having to be kind. Or that kindness equals weakness and we can't have that.
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply I think for most people they act kind to certain people and not others. Some people are just impolite but since they're nice on occasion with friends and family they still consider themselves a nice person. There are those that do view kindness as weakness. I think of this as the viewing people as suckers mentality. When you go out of your way to take advantage of people the path of least resistance is usually the kind person. It goes against the civility of society.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Yeah, you're probably right. I wonder if all the rude people I have seen in my life would disagree with me? I just don't see how meanness can be justified. Well, the kind of meanness I have experienced.
  • [ – ] theglimmerman reply people are mean to you not cool you are a sweetie
  • [ – ] DouglasESL reply Kindness is its own reward.
  • [ – ] ASideofFem reply Those are some cute doggies, awww Did their owners get in touch? You are right people are really rude sometimes. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply They are really cute :) and we found the owners in less than an hour :) The dogs were very happy to see their family. Same here :D
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply I consider it kind if people don't spit at me
  • Trap_Luverz reply I try my best to make people feel better than they did before they interacted with me. 💙 I have cats and maybe should put my number on their collar but I wonder if anyone out there catching lost cats? My cat Doodles got out one time and he was gone for two weeks and I finally put out one of my dirty shirts to blow in the wind and the next day he came home. :D
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