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  • Liauhl reply Hi- Gungan enthusiast coming over from here! If you've just come here from reddit also, here's what I can hear going on... At 0:26, the Gungans are looking towards Jar Jar and the Jedi with their mouths open, in shock. (For example, the very first Gungan we see other than Jar Jar, at 0:28.) One might say it could be that they're running from the Jedi; Gungans 'no liken outsiders' and a couple of force-sensitive humans are definitely counted as outsiders. But something else tells me that isn't what's going on here. The fact that, at 0:22 thereabouts, I hear at least 2 and *possibly* three separate voices saying 'Jar Jar'. At 0:19, the two Gungans on the side say: Gungan 1: 'Oh me grosa!' which may mean 'Oh my goodness', like it sounds in English, or 'I like', such as it sounds in Spanish. Yet Gungan 2 replies: 'Hata Hata!' - which we *know* means 'Oh my goodness!/ O my gosh!' - Source: found in r/Gungan...more_Philosophers. This could be a 'oh my goodness' from their previous conversion, or it could be a 'Oh my goodness- there's Jar Jar'... or it might even be 'Oh my goodness - there's Darth Jar Jar who attempted to crash the bosses' heylibber (bigger bongo. It's a ship.)....' Such a response to Jar Jar upon his return *may* be the product of his 'clumsiness at Otoh Gunga'. But... whatever Jar Jar may have done, does it warrant others looking at him in shock, slowing backing away, and whispering his name? Perhaps it does. Perhaphs there is more to Jar Jar.... and to the Gungans, for that matter, than yousa might think. First comment! Bombad!
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