The Culture War Drags Ever On...

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  • [ – ] Throwback reply I never considered myself on the left or right of the politcal spectrum, but I voted democrat every year since 96 including Obama twice. Trump was the first republican I voted for and it was reaction vote to what I now know is cultural marxism. The seeds were planted a long time ago and man how they've sprouted. Dividing Americans up and putting them against each other is the leftist agenda so now I am on the right. This guy does a great job breaking it all down.
    • THOMPSONATOR parent reply Thank you! You're not alone. Many of my friends on the left have found themselves shifting right because of what has been happening.
  • [ – ] DredDarkwater77 reply You Ever play the Witcher games?
    • [ – ] THOMPSONATOR parent reply Actually no. They look pretty cool though. Why you ask man? Oh! First VidMe comment btw!
      • DredDarkwater77 parent reply Yay First lmao, still trying to figure this site out
      • [ – ] DredDarkwater77 parent reply Just wondered what kinds of games your into, I have seen the FPS stuff and love your Duke Nukem review (Solid Gold)
        • [ – ] THOMPSONATOR parent reply lol me too man. I hope the comments get a little easier to answer. Shooters are really my favorite. Besides FPS, I also like top downs and side scrollers a lot. Kind of lame I know. If time were not an issue, I'd gladly play through more adventure games, survival horror, RTS, hell, maybe some RPGs even. Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably the best game I've ever played.
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