Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Review

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  • [ – ] CodeHandLuke reply This fucking game is more complex than it looks. My first time playing, I made an Orc and pumped a lot of points into melee, health and blacksmith (or some similar skill used to make armor - I can't remember the name now). I was unmatched in close combat but as I got closer to the final chapters, I realized that I was getting more critical failures and the NPCs hated me more and more. I couldn't figure out the reason. My companion, Magnus, just absolutely hated my guts even though I was playing as the good guy and followed his quest line. When Magnus turned on me and attacked, I gotta put him down. I thought it was part of the story. I managed to finished the game with a really shitty feeling. I went on the Sorcerers' Place Forum and learned the painful truth: Apparently, you can get scars from engaging in melee combat which affects your beauty score and can only be removed by using a doctor. My orc managed to accumulate enough scars to bring the beauty score down to a negative value. ...moreIn turn, this drove the NPCs nuts because their reaction score toward my Orc was reduced to almost zero. As for Magnus, when characters from the same side engage in melee combat against a common enemy, sometime these characters can accidentally hit each other and lower the reaction score. It dawned on me that my fugly ass had been side punching Magnus and he just flipped shit and went at me. If I replay this, I will make an Elf mage and harm the shit of everyone. Fuck melee combat.
    • [ – ] RetrospectiveGaming parent reply Same thing happened to me! ...My dwarf was already ugly and it got worse by getting battle scars! ... I had to play this game twice to start to understand it first character was a dwarf Firearms expert. 2nd character was a elf mage.. when I first played this I didn't realize that elves hated me cause I was a dwarf ... This game is so interesting and complex I would love to see a spiritual successor.. I loved learning about the battle between magic and technology and how it affected everyone
      • CodeHandLuke parent reply TBH, I was hoping that the Fables Series can provide good RPG gameplay and stories about the conflict between Tech VS Magic but that fuckward Peter Molyneux kept turning these games into English Happyland Adventures!
  • [ – ] Kuldebar reply I played this game on release, and I absolutely loved it. It's Middle Earth in the Victorian Age, what's not to love?. One of my greatest gamer dreams is seeing this game and it's world made into a modern MMORPG -unlikely as that may be.
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