Why I Left YouTube At The Perfect Time

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  • [ – ] joytimmons reply You made the right decision because I had the same problem. After one of my channels was suspended and my other channels had one strike on them for no reasons, I quit youtube for good and the second time. Vid.me is so much better than YouTube. I believe all of us will do better on Vid.me than youtube. I still look at youtube videos, but I do not have channels and do not partners with them anymore.
    • [ – ] girlreadingbooks parent reply I still say VidMe should NOT become the next YT! Should it grow? YES! But we need a CENTRALIZED system, VidMe should avoid the free-to-use/sell your data model! VidMe could get creative, perhaps by making use a digi-franchise model to enable others to create sites like it (teach a man to fish)! Anything that gets too big is infiltratable and liable to be compromised at one point of another. Should VidMe get big? YES! But it should cap its users out at the amount it can afford server-space wise through tip/donation, etc. I am curious as to how VidMe plans to grow its monetization.
    • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply When I left, I had my main channel and also a political channel about Canada. I think it's a good sign that we're happier at VidMe already.
      • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply We should be paid at least $5.00 per click for each view on our videos.
        • [ – ] ohiohurst parent reply If YT keeps slitting it's own throat you will only need pennies soon to make a living doing this. I predict a 40-50% loss of content if they keep it up. many people are getting really mad and many of them have 1 million subscribers or more.
          • diggy_dude parent reply YouTube won't see a 50% loss of content. The corporate media will make up for it. Unfortunately it will be the same kind of garbage that drove people away from corporate media in the first place.
        • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply I like that idea :)
          • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply Thank you so much. I believe that all of the hard work we do, we should be paid 5.00 per click for each view. I am starting a new video sharing company, Creative Style Motion, which will be way better than Youtube. I am still in the planning process and trying to determine how everyone can get paid at least $5.00 per click for each view on their video.
            • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply Sounds interesting. Make sure to keep us posted :)
              • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply I will and let me you all if you all having any ideas too. Joy
                • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply Will do
                  • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply Okay, and I am sorry you all went through that with YouTube. If I knew that, I would not never be partners with them and never come back to them.
                    • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply It's okay. I can't really judge anyone else's journey. I was with YouTube for seven years, after all.
                      • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply Wow. I was on YouTube since 2010 and left 2015 because I had to focus on school and other commitments. I join YouTube again in August 2016 and had no problems until February 2017. It is hard to say why this happened. It also does not seem like we have to have thumbnails, tags and other information on our videos here.
                        • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply I don't think we do, no. I always use thumbnails out of habit, though. I figure it can't hurt.
                          • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply Okay. I believe I will wait until I finish upload my videos and then add them. Dailymotion.com does the thumbnails for you.
                            • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply I think YouTube video editor would do that too. I like picking out my own thumbnails because I want to find the picture/still that brings out the best re: my video.
      • [ – ] joytimmons parent reply I am glad we find a video sharing website who treats us better. I also not regard of leaving youtube as well. YouTube will lose more than half the users very soon.
  • [ – ] LaurenSouthern reply Then the fire nation attacked 🔥.
  • DanielFrost reply I migrated here a few months ago and I'm glad I did.
  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply And when she talks about "Extreme" views, she means, "You don't lean progressive left like we do, how dare you be a moderate, libertarian or conservative!"
    • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply Yes,"extreme" is only what "triggers" them.
      • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply What people get triggered over these days makes me facepalm, we're arguing over who gets to use the public restrooms now!
        • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply Yes. Society is really headed downhill.
          • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply YouTube used to be a place where you could talk (reasonably) about stuff and still earn money, now it's all, we need to bend over backwards for advertisers, we can throw our creator's under the bus! I only talks about current events a little bit but they demonitized my video. I cam over here so I could do anime reviews and not have to worry about stuff being blocked because I used a little bit of anime footage. I can live without ad revenue here because I'll ask for tips, but I also earn money writing too.
            • GeekWisdom parent reply Glad you're here. There are always ways to generate income without having to bow to advertisers or silence ourselves.
  • [ – ] LeinadWorks reply You made a great decision.
  • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 reply All the crap going on God knows what YouTube has in store next
    • ohiohurst parent reply Really it's all about the advertisers complaining so they mark your videos and unless people sign into their accounts the videos marked don't show. most are just other political viewpoints not nearly as bad as things I've seen they don't mark..
    • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply Exactly. I'm glad I am not in a position where I rely on them for any income or video promotion.
  • [ – ] 1chriscuthbertson reply You talk sense, ile follow you, i just joined VidMe yesterday !
  • [ – ] MartheevManor reply Hey T! :) Yeah, Google just keeps fucking it up further and further. I have videos with nothing I can figure out what, but it gets denied monetization for not being "advertiser friendly". Whatever the fuck that means. I did know someone who had them review their video and he was able to monetize it again, but the point stands it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I'm surprised they even got back to him because I remember a few years ago I'd send in requests to be reviewed and never hear a damn thing! Frustrating.
    • GeekWisdom parent reply I know, it's sad. I am relieved that you never made YouTube a career and the sole source of your income. Those creators must really be scrambling now.
  • [ – ] BrettKeane reply Youtube is shit. Welcome sweety.
  • [ – ] makerofstuff reply I am interested in coming to vid.me, but unsure of letting them follow people or add content for me. (Okay over 60 here) I think I like the quality.
    • GeekWisdom parent reply Well, VidMe doesn't add any content for you - you need to upload it yourself, as with any other video platforms. You can always provide the link to your video to anyone, and they can view it independently without being a member of VidMe. They can always create an account if they wish to upvote/comment/subscribe to you, but it is still strictly left up to the individual as to which creators and/or videos they interact with. Hope that helps :)
  • SharpeSpeed reply Down with Youtube!
  • [ – ] BrickBoy9 reply If you upload here and YouTube will YouTube remove your videos?
    • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply I really don't think they can. Well, they can on YouTube. I have heard of whole channels getting wiped. But they do not own VidMe, and cannot make executive decisions for them. I was not sure if your question was sincere or sarcastic, so I provided you with my sincere answer anyway. Cheers! :)
      • [ – ] BrickBoy9 parent reply Well, I am just talking about if you choose to upload on both sites will YouTube remove my videos on their site? Also does this site have ads? Thanks in advance.
        • [ – ] GeekWisdom parent reply YouTube has a series of very arbitrary rules and regulations, so there is always a chance they could remove videos on their own site with little explanation (if any). This site does not have ads, but they will begin a monetization program eventually. When I was making my changeover from YouTube to VidMe, I tried to upload on both channels so that I always knew at least one would stay up intact. Thanks for clarifying what you meant, and thanks for watching. :)
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply yes u made the right decision imo! Great video and very truthful!
  • [ – ] Fuji086 reply Google's just pushing the people who made YouTube what it it today aside in favor of their corporate buddies. Do they not realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot??
    • GeekWisdom parent reply I don't think so. I think it will hit them too late and they will realize they can't treat people like this and expect them to stay loyal to the site.
  • [ – ] DrinkYourNailPolish reply I'm a humble beauty blogger just doing it as a hobby but I'm also a deplorable and I can't tolerate the censorship.
  • [ – ] Ravilochana reply YouTube and fb should be left for vidme and minds.com
  • [ – ] WayneLeviPrice reply Thanks for the Info
  • [ – ] JoeyArnoldVN reply Good work.
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