Attack on titan Season 2 Episode 6 Review/Discussion

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply With the exception of the stormy clouds in the background they revealed it just like in the manga which I was worried it would do because I found it anticlimactic and disappointing. The pacing is slow but I think their target for episode 12 will finish up the season nicely so they have to stretch things out a bit to make the jigsaw puzzle work out.
    • MissMulti parent reply I'm glad you agree with me then cuz i really felt like they could have done a better job with the reveal this time around, this just wasen't a good episode for me but i have high hopes for the next one! Thanks for watching and tipping :-)
  • [ – ] Zuffin reply Fast isn't always good, in fact, if they had just done that with everything in this show, a reveal like this would not be as impactful as they are.
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