The CCTV Footage - Westminster

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  • StayingAwake reply I noticed some more anomalies about that footage. If you look carefully at the people on the south side of the bridge where the CGI ghost car “drove”, you can see they are all still walking about after it passed through them, and those on the north side don't run to help or react at all, so obviously they forgot to edit those people out, proving it was not a real car. Some slightly clearer footage here: And a video showing the “woman” turning into a giant snake in the video close up: Another observation was the supposed “victim” who jumped in to the river. She was supposed to have gone in the river at 2:40 and been fished out around 3pm outside Westminster Pier, just north of Westminster Bridge. This however is impossible if it were a real person. The reason is the tide was coming in at that time and had been for over 30 minutes, so if it were a real person, she would have been swept w...moreith the tide up river to Vauxhall bridge and farther on towards Chelsea bridge. Yet, when we see the rags/undefined blob being fished out, it's downstream from where she supposedly fell in and right by the bridge at Westminster pier! This again proves it's all BS and badly thought out. You can check the tide times here. Although there is not one for Westminster bridge, you can check London bridge and Chelsea bridge (equidistant apart from Westminster bridge) and work out the middle distance and time, around 14:10 low tide, which is what it would have been for Westminster bridge. London bridge 22 March 2017, low tide 13:52: Chelsea bridge 22 March 2017, low tide 14:27: I'm sure you're already aware of this info on who and where location the footage was filmed, but for those who are not, here's some more info:
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