Gouache Speed Paint - Opera Rose - SUHO

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  • [ – ] saninakreid reply This is so beautiful !
  • [ – ] linchpin30 reply This is one of the formats I do want to try gouache on. Granted I was thinking about gesso'ing the board first. The other was using yuppo paper. That stuff is expensive, but the effects are amazing.
    • MiniSeaStar parent reply Yeah I've heard a lot of great things about yuppo paper (I've seen people with the WN markers use it since it's sturdier) I found that by gessoing the board it makes it hard for the gouache to layered if you use thinner layers but it's fine for those that go in with thicker layers right off the bat.
  • [ – ] Raichana reply Oh wow i haven't even thought of Gouache since college and i never would have thought to use it on wood but i love how it looks and how the thinner layers seep into the wood grain. Also gotta love those teachers who balk at any different way of using the medium, i had one in my first year and i just spent the entire time antagonizing her with alternate mediums essentially to prove a point. Finally i completely agree about contemporary artists.... i have seen interesting things done with it but any time it's just like "i threw trash on a board pay me" i want to cry. But yeah great piece!
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