Gorillaz - Humanz ALBUM REVIEW

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  • skitterthesauceman reply I love that this band has always tried something different with their albums, but I'm feeling more and more like they're trying to hard to make it something that its not. Not awful... Just less than ideal.
  • NinjaPoolboy reply Saturnz Barz is HORRIBLE.
  • NinjaPoolboy reply The newest song that just came out was literally the worst sounding Gorillaz song I've ever heard. They have jumped shark. Sad.
  • MEWTWO666 reply I fucking hate this guy
  • MasterMickeyTV reply Loved Demon Days and Plastic Beach but I heard Saturn Barz and hated it. It was so bad that Gorillaz is just another band like Modest Mouse that only used to be good, but that I can't say I'm still a fan of. Would be better if they broke up before ruining the legacy with a shit album. Sorry guys. It hurts.
  • SnailDragon reply I LOVED IT! SO GOOOOOD.
  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply I have the same feeling towards this band as I do towards Linking Park, both stand out bands for me growing up that I felt always held on to their style venturing out and expanding their material to incorporate other elements and genres but always retaining a certain feeling, an unmistakable mark of their name. But just like Linking Park I feel like this year with the new albums Gorillaz has created something which doesn't connect with me yet. Perhaps it will take a few more listens but I am not too optimistic. The songs are well made there is no denying that they are experts at what they do but for me, art is the connection you feel rather than the quality of the material so I understand why some people will love this.
  • Eilytres reply I got the 26 track version of this to really try to find at least a few good pieces, I did but there are fare to scarce compared to other albums. All in all I feel like Damons political agenda pushed away 2D and instead we got some kind of protest thing going on, as Mathew said "Is Trump canon?".
  • [ – ] PierreDuCouteau reply THE BATH
  • FrancisGo reply Fantano-tastic. ALL THE WAY.
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