Amusement Park Platforming | Marvel Land | Retro Sega Platformer Gameplay (Gen)

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  • [ – ] danielamann reply I was so sad when you died to the flower thing in area two :/ I can't believe how hard they shoot those hearts! I thought that they were going to be slow like the fire flowers in mario games but no it was more like a canon! Sega is before my time but watching these style games is awesome! Consider me a fan looking forward to more =D
    • [ – ] RetroSegaWondershow parent reply Thank you kindly :). Considering this game started off in the arcades, they had to make sure they could get their money's worth in quarters. Glad to have you here.
      • danielamann parent reply That's absolutely true I guess! I really can't imagine what it would be like to go to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters...I've heard my parents talk about that but I grew up in a different world XD
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