Bible Project Psalm 93 and Some Thoughts on Origin Theories

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  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply The key to this is; to realize and understand that GENESIS ISN'T THE ONLY BIBLICAL BOOK THAT DEALS WITH CREATION OF THE EARTH! There's isnt enough room or time here, to get into it, but if anyone will do even some cursory research, you'll find that the Scriptures give very clear teaching that the earth has been destroyed and remade many times; and will be in the future. (1st& 2nd Peter) All through the scripture, it talks about a 'harvest'. Wintertime, seedtime, summertime and harvest is a recurring theme. We are likened to plants, growing up before the Lord. Either "make the tree good or make it evil", Jesus said. I recommend getting into the book of Isaiah to get started researching this topic.
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