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  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply I'd say it's not uncommon. I usually try to fall asleep to podcasts though some of the ones I listen to still have that one guy that gets super loud for comedic effect XD so it sometimes works, some times doesn't Also I'd like apologize in advance if I have or will wake you up with my Nuzlockes. (at least I'm pretty sure you watch them, if not... Uh.... IGNORE ME!)
    • [ – ] bowgallery parent reply I don't think your nose luck has ever accidentally woken me up lol but you don't have to be quiet for my sake. You play your way that's how you have fun. I love your nuzlocke series by the way can't wait for the next one <3
      • Brologic_Productions parent reply Well good. And thank you!:D that means alot! Really want to post more of it but i haven't have the chance to record :c. I'm thinking of making small compilations of an old one of pokemon brown I made years ago from youtube just so I have something new to post until i can get back in the groove.
  • [ – ] mitori reply i'm looking around your channel and just can't find an entry point. what do you want a person who comes in to see and try out? when i came onto your channel, i thought it was just a random let's play channel until i started looking at videos and then read the description - you actually try to be a transformers channel? nothing about your channel says so, which confuses me. channel art or profile picture should be different in that case. if you're trying to make a vlog, maybe do it when you're not so tired to talk? also, some of your let's play videos i noticed - feel free to cut out mistakes and goofs that are not funny and which break the flow of the video. playing games that you love is a great idea, definitely gives you a lot to talk about, even if i think you should be a little bit more varied and enthusiastic about how you speak. figure out mannerisms for different characters and such, don't do one bored voice.
    • [ – ] bowgallery parent reply Thank you for your critique I really appreciate it. I guess the hardest part to fix would be how do I know when I'm not funny. Not saying that I am more so how would I know? This is a serious question I'm not being a jerk. I honestly don't know what to cut out if I need to. And when it comes to the voices you're probably talking about reading character dialogue. Sorry that's painful to watch. I kept thinking of if I should even bother doing reading character dialogue how bad my dyslexia is. I try to get better at it, it will be a long time before I get that figured out. Thank you again for taking the time to look at my stuff. I know it's kind of a mass but when I stick to one thing for too long I start to not enjoying what I'm doing. I'm thinking of a schedule and putting it in my channels bio. That might help.
      • [ – ] mitori parent reply figuring out whether you're funny or not is one of biggest challenges of being a youtuber or other kind of content creator. it took me years to get to where i am now and even then it's not perfect, but i also don't think i have talent for this, it's pure experience. i also found a person who has no issue to wawtch a video before i upload it to see if i fucked up somehow. about dyslexia: i think i would recommen then taking your time, since it's not a stream you can cut out pauses and silences later. read what the character has said, then read it again, trying to memorise it a little bit, then imagine how a character could've and would've said it and try to give it your best impression of what you imagined. and then cut out the parts where you messed up reading it and stuff. you also didn't really leave an impression of a dyslexic person but what do i know. "when I stick to one thing for too long I start to not enjoying what I'm doing" same here. look at how much of different stuff ...morei have on my youtube channel, it's so freaking inconsistent. i've just recently figured out how to work with what i have and it really helps.
        • bowgallery parent reply I'll definitely try the editing myself reading the dialogue. I was thinking of doing that before but at the time my editing skills was garbage. I feel more confident in doing that now for my later videos. I'm always worried about over editing my let's plays. I've seen let's players I really like do that and it make it really hard to watch sometimes. I'm sure I'll figure out the right balance. And to be fair the Let's Plays are strictly for fun. And to practice editing. I focus more on the reviews side. Which that being said sometimes it takes a very long for me to get one done. Hopefully once I get all my tools straightened out they'll be just as consistent as the let's plays. This has been very helpful. This is great feedback.
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