Bachmann Class 170 Turbostar 170514 Central Trains

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  • [ – ] PogoAndKraft reply The random video button is a great and powerful force, whose alien wisdom is infinite and unknowable. Sometimes I wonder what meaning lies behind its pairing of ASMR whispering and very small trains. It is probably best not to dwell. That way madness lies.
    • [ – ] BritishRail60062 parent reply I make these videos because I was bored. #TruthRules
      • PogoAndKraft parent reply I was merely pondering the mysteries of a random and chaotic universe. I meant no offence. I hold no grudges against small trains, large trains or the conductors thereof. I think I enjoy miniature locomotion more than I enjoy the sound of soap carved in very close proximity to a microphone.
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