Road Kill Bill ? ? ?

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  • [ – ] BocaBradley reply My brother had seen a deer killed by a driver ahead of him years ago. He stopped and took the deer to a wild game process market and we got venison sticks( my favorite!!) Here is the law in Illinois. "An Illinois resident/driver of a motor vehicle involved in a vehicle-deer collision has priority in legally possessing white-tailed deer killed/injured as a result of a collision with a motor vehicle. If the driver does not take possession of the deer before leaving the collision scene, any citizen of Illinois who is not delinquent in child support may possess and transport the deer."
    • frugalfarmer parent reply A lady I know hit a 10 and 12 point buck(s) along with a doe. Her truck was totaled but 2 guys stopped to assist and asked her if they could have the deers. The guys loaded and left. I'm happy they weren't wasted.
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply This is pretty interesting. Grew up in the south and heard of some people doing this be never eaten any that I'm aware of. Good points about not letting it go to waste if someone wants to eat it or use the skin for something.
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