Heathen Politicians and Christian Nationalists (pt.2)

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  • wolfn9z reply And thanks for talking about my Saxon ancestors PROUD TO BE A SAXON
  • wolfn9z reply Where have you been
  • wolfn9z reply So that reminds me to tell you about my Muslim story so I was Righting Runes on my paper and this Muslim sitting a front of me said may I look at what your doing and I said sure then he asked me what does It mean and what Is It I tell him It's my German culture and he said who Is that old wizard I tell him It's Odin then he said Odin fake he Is a myth there Is only one god and his name Is Allah and Muhammad Is his prophet and I say there is a lot of more Gods then Allah he said why do you believe In these false gods I say they are not false and my ancestors believed In them he says YOUR BARBARIC GERMAN ANCESTORS ARE LIARS YOU GERMANS ARE LIARS I was angry I stood up walked up to him and I said MY ANCESTORS DIED FOR ME THEY WENT TO WAR FOR ME THEY KILLED FOR ME THEY LIVED FOR ME THEY LOVED FOR ME THEY MADE CHILDREN FOR ME MY ANCESTORS WERE NOT STUPID THEY WERE SMARTER THEN YOU THEY HAD TO DEAL WITH CHRISTIANITY he walked off after that
  • wolfn9z reply I was raised as a Pagan because my Father Is a Pagan
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