nothing to vlog | Daily Vlog #104

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  • nodetact reply I mean, I have lately lived in a cluttered and quiet suburb just north of my childhood metropolis, Houston. I also find it disturbing when your intentions and goals do not match up with your accesses and resources, and it REALLY SUCKS if nobody is willing to compromise for that to even make it a little easier to cope with. My plan is just to do piano OST's and Original Claymation videos while my summer vacation is giving me an edge, and then if my vlogs and Let's Work series is having a clutch, I can make it work out after visiting my parents (especially if I stay with them to go to another community college, which is a long story I'll disclose in my videos going forward!) following these next four months... But, dude, this is totally fixable with a little inspiration, and Daniel Amann can tell you!
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