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  • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries reply I miss playing DDR, honestly. Always had a bit of a pull towards the desire to go back and play it but never saw it around much or had the time and funds to take a while on the game. ...don't get me started on the console versions... trying to get consoles mainly for DDR and then dance pads that are worth a damn under lots of punishment is very expensive. Could never keep up with it and ended up just making family mad. x_x
    • [ – ] Mattsvlogging parent reply Don't give up on your DDR DREAMS!
      • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply I haven't given up but I'm watching for a good time to finally get back into that shit. Right now I'm in a small house ( small house, fat chick... that house might not stand long from the shaking o.O ) My love of DDR and not getting it has let me get fat again. I was too busy with DDR before to give a damn about overeating when depressed. UGH. Anyway, thanks for the upvote and comment. *nods*
        • [ – ] Mattsvlogging parent reply There must be an arcade somewhere near you you could play at, or maybe a friend might have the game. It should be tooo expensive on kijiji or ebay either [:
          • [ – ] Sinistar_Aries parent reply Used to live in the South.. the arcades were dying hardcore. What machines for it we did see were no longer working. Moved to Norway after getting married and I haven't seen anything good in what's supposed to be arcades but we haven't had time to look around Oslo but that's a 2-3 hour drive over. Older vehicles can't take a lot of long trips so we have to pick as to when to go where if we have the money.
  • Mattsvlogging reply Oooh babyyyy, this is awesome :D
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