Dancing Monkeys, Conor McGregor And Black People

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply I understand that Connor is extremely white, but the movement of "dose tree white gurls"( say it as Rocky would), would barely even be considered dancing in the town where the movie Footloose takes place. I do agree with you that he asked if it was in the celebrity gym as dancers in that setting might be the most ridiculous part of it that stuck out in it in his mind. If the clip of the celebrity gym was shown to a group that spends their lives training to box & had never seen the movie, then you asked them to say what the most out of place part was, what would the majority pick? Then again Connor being Connor, he might have purposely chosen that wording to get the maximum controversy out of it.
  • mattytripps reply You went with the homo erotic scene from Rocky for to long, it got kind of weird
  • mattytripps reply How can you have black friends if your racist against blacks? Its kind of impossible to have friends that belong to a group that you hate.
  • mattytripps reply McGregor will win because he is Irish, and Irish people are nothing but a bunch of drunken fighing rubes
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