Nintendo Hates You

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  • Draximus reply Ok 3 points. 1. Do you play Pokemon? 2. Here are some titles that I think are great for the 3DS: Hyrule Warriors Legends(bad version of WiiU version), Tomodachi Life(Game that could have easily have been on the original Wii), Poochy and Yoshi's Wooly World(from the WiiU version), and several Pokemon titles, if you're into Pokemon. 3. You probably know by now, that while the Switch doesn't have many great titles, including a few New Releases, several NeoGeo titles that I've never heard of before, and some Indie games that came out around 5-10 years ago, the Switch is a great console. Oh and the games that weren't even Nintendo original, like Minecraft and Skyrim, because a bunch of whiney people thought that they needed a portable version of their favourite PS3 games. But I love Breath of the Wild. The gameplay hours is huge, and which expansive DLC coming out later this year, its not a title that will end up on the shelf for the rest of its life. However I admit I won't be buying anot...moreher title for a while as the selection is so small. I'm not a Splatoon fan, and I don't like Mario, so I may be waiting for the next Smash Bros, or Pokemon, or just end up waiting for the 3DS to discontinue like they did with the original Wii and DS, where I'm forced to perhaps mod it or something. who knows at this point. Sorry I'm rambling. My point is, the Switch isn't a bad console. its just that the media attention from Nintendo was all wrong. No one cares about HD rumble. Only one game so far that uses it is 1 2 Switch, and that game is a waste of money. Idk why they didn't create a new home game like Wii Sports or Nintendoland. Also I heard a rumour that the switch won't have virtual console like we are used to. Rumour has it, it will be a rotation of vc games each month or something, and just like the paid subscription service to play multiplayer online, you will have to pay a similar subscription to play a new game each month. Sounds completely stupid since once the month or whatever is up, the game you were playing is gone and you can't play it anymore. Again, its just a rumour and it may not be true
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