G.I. Joe: The Movie - Nostalgia Critic

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  • [ – ] BrandonCroker reply 'MURICA! FUCK YEAH!
  • neo4812 reply never saw the movie nor the shows nor have i gought the toys hell im not even a fan of the concept, so why am i watching this? simpele i love NC
  • Giovanni4 reply I expected this to be a Nostalgia critic video, now it's here!
  • powerofanime1 reply Cobra-lalalalalalalalalahuackbar!
  • Hewy_Toonmore reply I honestly think this movie is pretty bad! I mean, Cobra-La, Cobra Commander turning into a snake, Duke going into a cobra after having a cobra shot into his heart. I'll stick with the cartoon, pre-movie.
  • bdalbor reply My God. I have no other words for that movie other than 'Murica! Great review NC!
  • [ – ] bradleyangle129 reply Do the live action G.I. Joe movies directed by the same guy who directed Foodfight, Lawrence Kasanoff.
  • [ – ] Sonbru reply Trump isn't in collusion with Russia. *waits patiently*
  • [ – ] TVBCrap reply Honestly I have to thank Homestar Runner for introducing me to GI Joe's actual series - only because Cheat Commandos and stuff. BUY ALL OUR PLAYSETS AND TOYS
  • Platypus67 reply I only hear "cow-bra' and i got a strangely embarrassing picture in my mind...! And I'd prefer snake terrorists over islamic ones any day!
  • BiGEd5 reply ANGRY JOE!!! Oh crap wait! Wrong Joe! XD GI JOSE! Crap! GI JOE!!! FINALLY I said it right XD
  • AutobotJediIronmanYT reply OH YEAH MR. KRABS!
  • ShanableSitcomStudy reply Do transformers the movie from the 80s
  • GaryTurbo reply This is why I prefer GI Joe : Rise Of Cobra
  • [ – ] TommyDiazMillan reply How about a mini review of The Transformers: The Movie huh? And please do The Pink Panther.
  • VGJustice reply Wait. Colorado Springs Comic Con!? Crap! I chose NDK instead of that this year! I PICKED THE WRONG CON! ; A;
  • ryuki09 reply AMERICAN FUCK YEAH! !!
  • kwendy reply Disclaimer: HE IS IN THE COMA!
  • Yeshuash reply One should never need an excuse to talk about the G.I. Joe Movie!
  • LeftHeadGrave reply I assume the snakes on Serpentor are like Ashton's dragon heads from Star Ocean 2, they just ended up fusing with him and they just kinda hang out together. Also, even the GI Joe live action movies never even got what made this series delightful. Heck, much as I like IDW I don't think they get it half the time for their comics. The best live action GI Joe movie was Captain America 2. Otherwise this was an awesome review, you geek out like a pro.
  • WoWzerGamer reply WOOHOO! 😁 Great review NC. GO JoE! 🤘
  • powerofanime1 reply "C'MON, I'LL SING FOR YA!" XDXDXDXD
  • richlocolive reply This was amazing! This is so going in my podcast tomorrow night!
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I recommend the GI Joe comics (both Marvel and Devil's Due), they're better drawn and written.
  • PorkCow reply "This is the kind of military porn Micheal Bay wishes he could make... the most American thing in the world!" I see your blowing up terrorists with fireworks by the statue of liberty and raise you Mark Wahlberg killing a man with a football in a second amendment propaganda film where Rainbow Dash turns into a gun.
  • liamdude5 reply G Rated Hell? Am I the only one wondering what exactly that is? I'm guessing the Pink Elephants on a loop for forever...maybe.
  • AntiBlockStudios reply I'm from canada and even i feel the America.
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