The Death Knell Of The Skeptics

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  • YouTubeEscapee reply Epitome - E pit a me , not Ep i tome. Jeez dude
  • InternetSaltmine reply Your insistence that they "Take a side" is disturbing. First off, you know for a fact that is a false dichotomy. There is no reason for them to take a side, there's no reason for a normal person to take a side. The idea that everyone has to become polarized is dishonest at best. Second, you do realize that your insistence for them to take a side is going to result in them not siding with you, right? They're not going to side with people who are pushing for them to decide unilaterally that they suddenly support all the awful practices of one side or the other simply because it would be 'dishonest' of them not to. Sargon already made a video, today even, about how he's going to try and form his OWN "rational skeptic" side of this. Whether he's doing this for the attention or the viewership is entirely up to opinion, I think he is, but that doesn't detract from his right to do so in any way. You're basically demanding that people in the middle join camps because you can't POSSIBLY stan...mored that they're in the middle. I hope you realize not only how destructive that is, but also how terrible that is for politics in general. No one is forced to choose sides, here. Sargon is banking on the right demanding that the center join sides so everyone joins his side and gives him lots of patreon money. Which, I'm sure you can guess, is a very destructive addition to the already fractured political scape. Whether their beliefs are vapid or not, no one can force political change on anyone. That includes Sargon and his followers. Even if he spanked Kristi and lost to Baked Alaska, that wouldn't change for him. Plus, I think it's dishonest to paint everyone who stands in the center simply because Sargon is the loudest there is.
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