North Korea - too late to say you're sorry

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  • [ – ] Blaewas reply I have trouble taking the North Korean regime seriously. I feel we are being manipulated. Both by NK, China and the deep state here in the US. Maybe I'm wrong, but we can't rely on our intelligence agencies to give us truthful facts(Iraq) and the timing is so suspect. The media and the Pentagon have been beating the war drums with furious abandon. If NK is even capable of launching a weapon without it exploding , they can't even hit a target. Small comfort to anyone who might be living anywhere even close to a target I'm sure. Here's hoping I'm right. Seoul stands to lose the most if the North launches its artillery southward. I know the Chinese can't do everything but I don't think they are doing as much as they should. NK is a very unruly and hard-to-control proxy of PRC. Russia should also be doing more but I think both powers fear the US more and would rather this continue as it distracts the US and gives them some wiggle room. Guess we'll find out.
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