THIS is How You Utterly SMASH Our Immoral System!

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  • [ – ] Shimeran reply I don't think the car chase was the best example. In driver escalated things first in a what could have been a routine speeding ticket. It also looked like the kid was the first to attempt actual bodily harm. That's not even counting the endangerment of bystanders caused by the car entering the opposite lane. There are certainly example for justifiably resisting laws, I just didn't see this as one of them.
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply Yes, the woman made some seriously bad decisions which DID put her, her kids and others at risk of arm. But the initial aggression came from the uniformed individuals who pulled her over in the first place so they could collect revenue, via an arbitrary "law" (speeding law) of political parasites who made the law to increase the coffers of the state. It's called theft. The officers took an oath to uphold all laws...including the immoral ones. The woman resisting the "officer" was, indeed a zero-sum game for her. She had NO CHANCE of winning the battle against a force MUCH greater than her. NOTHING the woman did warranted the cop shooting into a car full of kids, though.
      • Shimeran parent reply I'll grant that firing into the car was unwarranted. At the same time, I recognize mistakes like that as a very human reaction when violence is initiated, which is why both sides should have avoided escalation. As far as choice goes, it's worth noting that she had the choice to not speed in the first place being fully aware of the law. Furthermore, a law that someone can choose to avoid all consequences for can be ignored at whim, becoming effectively only a suggestion. As for the police enforcing all laws, the alternative is for them to punish based on their own opinions, which opens the door to corruption and favoritism. All that being said, I'm no fan of speeding laws. However, this is not how you change or undo a law. Even as far as resisting a law goes, it looks like nothing more than self interest when you only resist a law while suffering the consequences of breaking it.
      • Azurenightsky parent reply An arbitrary speeding law... I'm not even sure where to begin with that.
  • yougotwinsometime reply Sound doesn't exist phones aren't really I can't stand indoctrination from statism cucks normies they have immunity and if we do the same thing its bad the ruling class is ridiculous
  • [ – ] yougotwinsometime reply 3rd high inpact video ive watched on vid me heck yes
  • Simon1945 reply Nice upload, though provoking.
  • GoMGTOW reply We The People are by no means illogical nor ignorant. We have laws for a reason, to preserve the peace and the public safety... It is your logical duty and responsibility as an American to educate yourselves on those laws. Any court in the nation will tell you that your ignorance of the law is "No Excuse" as a justification for you to break or disobey said lawful order. It is not the fault of officers if you intentionally and ignorantly disobey lawful orders and put yourself and your children in harms way... That in and of itself is a crime, it's called "Reckless Endangerment".
  • whitezombie reply Nice try ! Let me guess ANCAP? Need i say you video is full of logical fallacies? I will mention your universal "moral" principles. While i have no argument with them the are far from universal. The police do have the right to stop you when you have broken the law.And no, the law is not apiece of paper with scribblings on it. It is a contract of free individuals to limit their freedom ,so they can co exist in peace. Individuality has been tried and failed. When? About the time we discovered agriculture. When people discovered that by co operating with others, they could grow their food ,and still have time to do other stuff. Like spend time with their kids, or their spouses. Or painting or carving fancy shapes on a piece of wood. Or just thinking. So check your premises please! Someone less kind may stumble on this and the holes in it are wide enough to drive a tank through.
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