Building a Dry Stone Tower - Days 3 & 4

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply or you could use clay and stones to make those underground hill houses, it would be awesome if you did make a village,
    • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply I have lots of terracotta clay, a big bank of it by the North wall. I would love to follow your advice, I might look up some vids and books on the subject. Thanks
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply well you do have lots of rocks you can make use of,
        • MaitreMarkScully parent reply it seems like endless rock. In three layers, smaller ones on top, then big ones up to car size and then to medium ones beneath but only in some areas. It is quite interesting to dig down, I found a horse shoe about 3 meters deep, and some of the rocks split showing such beautiful purple and blue crystals.
      • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector parent reply you should dig a moat around your small village as well, it would be awesome,
        • MaitreMarkScully parent reply I call the place Markroviya, I am Mark, Rov means moat in Russian, so it is 'The Place of Marks Moat'. I have a 'moat pool' by my front door with a 7 meter drawbridge, it winches up with an endless chain system. Soon I will dig more moat, the new tower is partly to have a place to utilise the top soil from where the moat will be. It sounds crazy.... but it is true. I will do a drawbridge vid soon but I want to finish the shingles around it first so it looks nice and finished.
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Great job so far. Is this your land?
    • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully parent reply yes, I bought it around 8 years ago. Has a creek, a bit hilly, lots of stone and about 12 minutes drive to a (small) city. It ticked every box! Thanks for the compliment.
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply you should make an earth house underground, now that would be awesome to do, but make concrete beams, but since you have lots of trees you can use those for bracing beams, if you dig deeper you can find clay to use as mortar, some people have made clay and logs in layers to make a house 100 years ago, maybe you can make a small village of earth houses, you have lots of trees to use, so make a med-evil style village,
      • MarzieMalfoy parent reply That is perfect
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