Re: The Yankee Marshal Talks About 2nd Amendment Rights

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  • rdj2a reply He basically is saying since we, American citizens, are the militia. We should have access to typical weapons used by average military personal. Look at it from this perspective, if the government really says, yes you can own firearms as long as they are cap and ball rifles, how in the heck would those be useful if we actually needed to overthrow the government which has tanks, helicopters, plane, grenades, full auto rifles, etc. How effective would we be against a foreign invasion if the invaders have modern weapons. From a ammo supply standpoint where would we get our ammo? Having access to common arms by definition gives you access to common ammo.
  • sykwookiee reply Yup...if you're sane enough to own a handgun, then you should be sane enough to own ANY weapon that our military uses...
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