dream beats VLOG #9: will robots replace musicians?

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  • [ – ] JustNoah reply Art is a reflection of reality, so even if a robot created a painting, that painting would be reflection of the creator of the robot. The robot isnt born, it is created by hand, so i dont see how a robot could actually replace humans with art. Robots dont feel pain, dont feel empathy, and they dont love. Music normally comes from places of distress, so unless we can get robots to feel emotion, anything a robot creates is simply an extension of its builders emotions and feelings.
    • heymattsokol parent reply Man this is actually a profound way of looking at it. You've got a good point, I started thinking something similar when I was researching the world's first computer-composed symphony (https://steemit.com/music/@heymattsokol/nihilistic-futurism-iamus-s-album-and-the-death-of-music) and it was clear to me that even if a robot composed the thing - humans had to pick the one they like and re-interpret it. interesting stuff.
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